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Alex Pankhurst Photo Feature.

Chronic Bone was originally very much built on photography and we want to keep presenting gewd photos for you, fam.

Following last week’s photo feature, we are lucky enough to have another great series of photos to display. 

Mr Alex Pankhurst, who works deep in the dungeon of LUX BMXis the focus of this weeks photo series. In December last year Alex set off on quite the adventure traveling as far...

Another F*cking ECC mixtape!

For the family.

Eat Children Crew droppin a fresh new mix tape of many a good riding and times with friends. If you’re not familiar with SA’s crew prepare to be delighted, never skimping out on the good times and not to mention next level riding footage the whole package is very freshly. Go watch now!

Another Fucking mixtape from Eat Children Crew on Vimeo.


Process Supply Store!

We stoked as to announce we are now fully stocked down in Melbourne at Process Supply Store!
Process Supply just opened up in Fitzroy and they flippin a whole deal of great stuff from BMX to art works. If you’re in Melbourne be sure to pay em a visit! 

Also we are all sold out of Dank God T's and Creep Caps!
Hang tight for our next release soon!


Simmo Photo Feature III

All the way back in 2015 I did a “photo feature” post focusing on the photography of my homie the one and only Simmo. This wasn’t the first photo feature post we had done on Chronic Bone, but it is the only one that has a sequel, and now following up again, we have a trilogy. 

At the time of the first post, Simmo had taken a keen interest in film photography and began to shoot photos of his...

Junk from the web!

Here is another post where I round up stuff from the internet I think you should look at!
BMX heavy, lets look at some of the latest BMX edits to hit the web that have gotten some kind of reaction out of me!

Denby Chandler for Sunday bikes!

Our boi Denby with a new heated edit! The goody steeze cat going in on a bunch of set ups from his recent trip over in the USA! Treat yourself and check it!