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Alex Pankhurst Photo Feature.

Chronic Bone was originally very much built on photography and we want to keep presenting gewd photos for you, fam.

Following last week’s photo feature, we are lucky enough to have another great series of photos to display. 

Mr Alex Pankhurst, who works deep in the dungeon of LUX BMXis the focus of this weeks photo series. In December last year Alex set off on quite the adventure traveling as far south on this plant as one can go in search of the mysteries Antarctic. Leaving behind all of his difty cars, he first travelled to Argentina, and from there floated down to the great land of ice via boat (I assume). Bringing with him 18 jumpers and 1 film camera he was quick to snap up an array of shots. Not being a fan of holiday happy snaps myself I was very surprised that Alex’s photos are much more than that. Alex seemed to target his lens at some of the most surreal frozen landscapes I have clapped eyes on.

Due to some of the negatives presumably being subjected to light damage while being X ray scanned in multiple airports the resulting images of the bare icy landscapes are accompanied by a rather eerie vibe. Let your eyeballs enjoy the images below!


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