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The Brenton Martin Photo Feature.

Another day and another photo feature for the bone!

Should these posts be called “dudes what I know who take photos” because here we have another dude what I know who takes photos!

Today we take a look at the photography of Brenton Martin. Super keen to get his feet wet with some film photography Brenton only started shooting a few months ago and has already upgraded cameras twice! 
I asked him what...

DANK GOD shirt at LUX BMX!

 DANK GOD shirts are all sold out on our online store :( BUT lucky LUX BMX has our back!

$$$BMX VIDZ$$$

Here we have a selection of BMX vidyas that I have enjoyed recently.

More Toey!

More sections have come forward from the beautiful buttery “Toey” video made by Brisbane lord Raph! All the section are excellent and you gotta check em all to appreciate the vibe of this video!
Jerry’s section below is Mega Sick Air Man! Jerry brings his cruisy riding and attitude to a bunch of funky set ups and jibby...

Dizzy Dayz X Simple Future Drop // Look Book!

Bout time we bring out some new new.

Michael Vockenson Photo Feature!

BOOM! Back with another great photos feature, this time from the all gnarly Michael”Mad Dogg” Vockenson! 

Vocko, the man mainly known for jumping off pretty much anything on his bike and running “da best blog” on the internet Crispy Streamis also quite the camera aficionado. It is a rare site to see the dude out and about on a weekend without a massive camera bag hanging off his back filed with up...