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Jerard Vandervalk, Black and White!

Jerry the man recently blessed my eyes with some groovy black and white photos that he popped the shutter on quite a while ago!

Big Jezz, a truly eager photographer always seems to be shooting on an array of different cameras that he cops from gumtree, second hand stores, markets, camera farms, car meets, darts tournaments, introduction to scuba diving class and other online sources. He has...

The Marc Pricop Photo Feature!

Much overdue we have the Marc Pricop photo feature. I originally got Marc to send me some of his stuff around October/November last year and I started working on a write up that has since been lost. I’m just having a wild guess here, but I think I would have opened the post with something along the lines of “Ifyou have been keeping up with our photo feature posts, you would know we have looked at...


Some time has past since this blog has gotten the post sauce.

Could not let this one slide. It has been a while cine I have been excited about a web edit in BMX but this Tammy Mccarley edit for the TRIP had me so stoked! 
Cop an eye full!


BIG MAC video!

The legendary BIG MAC has graced us once more with a beautiful motion video of his ever so cruisey BMX manoeuvres! BIG MAC is an absolute steeze king on the pokies and takes that confident attitude straight to the skate park. Coupla noseys a few spins in the air and the body of a Greek goddess this lovely video shot and edited by Mike “MAD DOGG” Vockenson is one to enjoy with a beer in hand....

Jake Norris for Chronic Bone!

With absolute pleasure Chronic Bone is stoked to announce Jake Norris is joining our BMX team/gang/mob. Jake our far north connection is on his bike 6 days a week and is an all-around great guy! The welcome edit consists of two sections, the first filmed by me over a weekend when Jake came down to ride and the second filmed by Riwii over a much longer period of time and from what I understand was...