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Raph has dropped 2 section from his “Toey” project and they are a beautiful Brisbane VX treat!

Droppin both His own part and Tiny’s part so far. Both are bloody tight with cruisy vibes, out and about riding with friends is the overwhelming feel from the project and I love it! The dudes also don’t mind getting creative when it comes to rolling around the suburbs looking for spots. Music choice is...

The Seamus Platt Photo Feature!

Following up from Jerry’s tremendous photo feature, this week we have another dope feature from the homie Seamus Platt.

Seamus Platt seems to shoot as much film photography as he can and is the type of bloke to have a camera with him 90% of the time. Being an avid skateboarder and socializer, Platt is always out and about and spends a great deal of with a large line up of mates who become the...

Biking Videos

Hey Hey fam,
This another one of the post where I embed a bunch fo BMX videos that I liked to it.
So peep em and enjoy it!

Already 2 weeks old Reed Stark - Safari! I was hella hyped on this! Reed Stark taking his signature frame for a mad lash in South Africa! Many animals and great scenery and most of all Reeds stylish monster jibs! Always seems to be having a good ol time which makes this edit a...

Jerard Vandervalk Photo Feature!

Yo yo! Continuing on with our photo feature series of posts we got a newy for ya, and damn it’s a doozy. All around fully rad man and Chronic Bone team rider Jerry has sent me through quite the selection of photos.

 Shooting on both film and digital Jerry has an array of diverse photographs that he shoots on multiple camera set ups, ranging from BMX spot hunting missions to outlandish landscapes,...

Photo 4 U!

Over the weekend I brought my new camera out riding to have a go at shootin some bmx on the rig. I recently upgraded my canon to a Sony a7 Rii for my art type shit and was interested on how well it would deal with fast paced BMX type photos. Although I was mainly just happy snappin I managed to get two cool shots.

Also on the onliune store we have all sold out of Dank God shirts and Creep Caps...