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Jerard Vandervalk Photo Feature!

Yo yo! Continuing on with our photo feature series of posts we got a newy for ya, and damn it’s a doozy. All around fully rad man and Chronic Bone team rider Jerry has sent me through quite the selection of photos.

 Shooting on both film and digital Jerry has an array of diverse photographs that he shoots on multiple camera set ups, ranging from BMX spot hunting missions to outlandish landscapes, jerry is a master of shooting all, a real fucking jackpot photographer. It is clear to me just from quickly squizzing through his images that Jerry really has an eye for detail, no matter the subject of the photo, Vandervalk comes at it from fresh angle, making his photos feel well thought out and fine. He is able to take his eye for detail and apply it to everything he shoots, whether its camping adventures, fast passed BMX, urban landscapes or even insects. The overlooked is never overlooked when in the range of Jerrys lens. Truly awesome stuff and I’m excited to be able to share these great photos! Check em below! 


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