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The Seamus Platt Photo Feature!

Following up from Jerry’s tremendous photo feature, this week we have another dope feature from the homie Seamus Platt.

Seamus Platt seems to shoot as much film photography as he can and is the type of bloke to have a camera with him 90% of the time. Being an avid skateboarder and socializer, Platt is always out and about and spends a great deal of with a large line up of mates who become the focal point of his photography. 

From the first peek at his photographs you can tell Platt is really into documenting the world around him and does a great job of it. Often capturing moments of the happenings of his cohort that he feels reflects their character. These disjointed snap shots of events and friends feel familiar and relatable even though they are from Platt’s unique perspective. Seamus gives the viewer a sneaky glimpse into his world and what goes on in it! Platt’s photography also pairs and juxtapositions scenes, ideas and colours in a way that present multiple ideas at once. Some of his works even feature multiple photographs that allow the viewer to connect the dots as to what may have been going on during that time. Platt also likes to shoot in portrait which allow the images and scenes to pop out more than standard brainwashing landscape. I really dig is honest documentation of nostalgic times with friends. Here are some words from the man himself. 

“I love just shooting friends doing their thing because all of my close friends are fucking weird and I love it. You know what they say the five closest people you surround yourself make you up as a person. I dunno do they say that? Fuck it, I reckon it's true.”

Peeps the good below!

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