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The Brenton Martin Photo Feature.

Another day and another photo feature for the bone!

Should these posts be called “dudes what I know who take photos” because here we have another dude what I know who takes photos!

Today we take a look at the photography of Brenton Martin. Super keen to get his feet wet with some film photography Brenton only started shooting a few months ago and has already upgraded cameras twice! 
I asked him what his direction is or concept with his photography projected and he said;

I was really inspired by the photo albums that my parents have that immortalised their 20's and I wanted something better than just an Instagram, so I choose to shoot film because you get these dope negatives and eventually I'm going to create my own photo albums that showcase my life and my friends and shit”

Reading this leaves an impression that Martins work will be nothing more than common, pedestrian photographs of grandma’s birthday and cheese camera smiles at tourist destinations down the Gold Coast but on first squiz of his work you get much more than that.

What is it to shoot banality, photography itself is banal, done to death everyone and there mum is a photographer but what makes Martins suburban creations interesting is his ability to capture the moments between moments. 

Other people are keen to snap pictures at the pool party, the finished project car, the art show opening and the view from the top of the hill. Martins photographs are all about the journey, the between times when shit really happens.

Please enjoy this selection of photos by BRENTO!

peace til next time!

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