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Jake Norris for Chronic Bone!

With absolute pleasure Chronic Bone is stoked to announce Jake Norris is joining our BMX team/gang/mob. Jake our far north connection is on his bike 6 days a week and is an all-around great guy! The welcome edit consists of two sections, the first filmed by me over a weekend when Jake came down to ride and the second filmed by Riwii over a much longer period of time and from what I understand was going to be used for a DVD Ri was working on. Myself filming on DSLR and Riwai on a beauty of a VX, I decided to split it into two sections to keep the clips looking consistent. The first section is more of an Instagram clip mixed with sea sickness and the second half is more your tradition BMX edit! I think the two together work well and I’m stoked on the outcome. It’s obvious that Jake and Riwai worked hard getting those juice clips in the second half so cheers to them for going in and also handing the footage off to me! Do enjoy the video, Jake is one of those riders who is always progressing so it’s good to finally get some old clips out and start working on a new video! FEAST YOUR EYE BALLS!!


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