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Saw The Durries, forgot my durries.

Had an absolute whizzbanger of a weekend! Simmo the lil sweetheart took me to see The Durries and The Stiffys which wasa blast. I've never heard of The Stiffys and wasn't too familiar with The Durries so it was awesome to discover both bands are fantastic. The Stiffys in particular, who made the trip up from Melbourne, had a really wacky vibe that involved sparkly jump suits, a boogie board crowd surfer and pouring white wine everywhere! Picked my favourite song from each of their sets for yall to check out. give em a like on soundcloud.

Finally, here's an album fir you to enjoy while soaking up some piss on a Sunday evening. Blue Oyster Cult are pretty well established as classic good rock in my opinion and along with featuring the hit 'Don't fear (the reaper)' this is my favourite album of theirs by far.


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