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Feed Your Eyes.

 I got a bunch-o-junk to share, from BMX edits to music to some photos so check it.

First up we have this next level Skateboard film trailer that really looks like a step forward in production and skating on the world stage. Shit is ridiculous! Have a peep.

Been watching BMX? Then you have most likely seen this beauty of a split edit of Tom Stretton and Bobbie Altiser. The riding is fuckin loose and a step up from their last split. This one has more of a focus on each other individual BMX jive.

While on BMX, I really enjoyed this behind the scenes style look of a day with the shadow team as they celebrate their new DVD 'What Could Go Wrong?'. It's cool being able to see it from this perspective.

This dude has been poppin off all over the place with this rap video. Pretty funny shit. This dude is a savage.

I scanned in these Polaroid shots from the past weekends ride.

 'Ice man' 2015
 'Durrie cat.' 2015
Stay in school kids.

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