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10 reasons why riding BMX in your 20's is straight up bullshit goodness.

The other day I was surfin' around the web and I came across this '10 reasons why riding BMX in your 20's is cool' article. I found it pretty funny and I enjoyed the fact that a few of the points related to drinking and so on. I immediately had my own idea's of why it is cool so I thought why not Chronic Bonify these reasons. So here you have it; " 10 reasons why riding BMX in your 20's is straight up bullshit goodness".

1. Getting Pissed.
Fuck yeah, Your in your 20's now. You can get as pissed as you like, and no doubt if your riding BMX you will have a bunch of mates who are gunna wanna get pissed with you. The best thing about getting pissed with ya BMX mates is that your friendship is already built on being able to one-up each other and impress one another with your sweet pushy moves. This is the exact mentality you'll all be taking to the pub, so prepare to get slaughtered and kicked out of almost every venue.

2. Becoming a Local.
I don't mean at your local skate-o, I mean down at the pub! Seeing as your going to be having so many cheeky schooies after you ride all day, you're going to become a local at the pub. This comes with many perks such as, knowing what time happy hour starts, becoming friends with the bar staff, having a favorite machine in the pokies room, finally winning a meat tray and the greatest perk of em all making friends with other local bar mates so you don't even have to go down the pub with your friends! They are already there!

3. Pissed Riding.
Hell yeah boys! Seeing as you're pissed as fuck now and trying to figure out how you're all going to get back to Robbo's place for a few cones and a Black Sabbath listening party. It's all good, you can just ride ya BMX. So cruise away from ya local, blind and hyped on the $14 bucks you just won on wheres the gold.

4. Gettin' A Break From The Misso.
This one is pretty important to some. Chances are this rule doesn't apply to you because you spend all your days off riding BMX in drains and sinkin' piss with the boys, this leaves little time for the ladies but for the few who have managed to have a female of some kind put up with your shit, this works a treat. BMX is a great way to get away from the misso, all you gotta do, is say your going for a ride so you can stay in shape for her sake. Do remember, after the ride you will be back at the pub with the boys, so what ever you worked off during the day is packed back on with a few ice cold goodies, so getting away from the misso is a beautiful cycle.

5. Making Friends.
Once you're at the drinking establishment it becomes very easy to make friends with people. All you have to do is tell people about how fuckin sick your day was. Let them know about how hard you worked to get that clip. Tell them about getting kicked out by the seccys. Make sure you show them the slashes on your shins. Nothing starts a party like a sweaty smelly drunk dude yelling about the sickest spots they shredded all day.

6. Appreciating Architecture.
This one is super dope. Not only do you become super aware of great architecture you also become great at describing it, " yeah its like a curb cut and a L shaped ledge that leads down to like this red brick bump and these purple ledges with no skate stoppers". People will be baffled with your ability to locate and describe the sweetest fucking courtyards in and around your city.

7. The Great Outdoors.
Chances are BMX is going to take you to some very awesome places. Camping becomes one of your hobbies as you travel around from place to place shredding the gnar. There are a few good things about the outdoors: You can refer to points 1,2,3 &4 but also you start to have a great knowledge of great places to go on day trips. Maybe for a swim with the mates at a great watering hole. Maybe a scenic picnic at a lookout with some fine lady. You have become aware of these awesome spots all because of BMX.

8. Never Bored.
So many people in there 20's are boring shits. All they talk about to each other is TV show's and shit they have seen on YouTube. Fuck that noise, you will never be bored with BMX! It's always progressing in different ways and you will never be boring to talk to as you always have a story about how "fuckin sick it was last weekend when Jake iced the dopest rail, at sunset, by the beach in Byron"!

9. BMX Bender.
A BMX bender is a very beautiful thing. Every now and then you will get to go on a trip with your bike riding buddies. These trips are amazing and they do involve all the other points I have made in this list but if you are with the right mates you can make a BMX trip extra special by turning it into an absolute bender. Constant beers and riding. It's a dream only some get to live.

10. Bender Ender.
Bender ender's do exist out side of BMX. I'd say most people in there 20's have experienced the end of an amazing bender. The difference with BMX is there is always next weekend! There will always be another jam or a road trip or a street spot hunt. Every weekend after you ride you can just go straight to the pub with your boys and enjoy a cold one! BMX is limitless.

I hope you enjoyed that read.

I leave you with this perfect example of why riding BMX in your 20's is straight up bullshit goodness!

The End Of VX? from Eat Children Crew on Vimeo.


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