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Hey man, Thailand Travels, New Projects, Good to be back!

Hey hey!
Man it has been a long time since I have had a post up!
Traveling around Thailand over the past month has been one of the greatest experiences of my life! Before I go on with that I'd like to thank Brento for holding it down here on the site and keeping some posts rolling cover the ever flowing BMX edit river, fishing out a few treat for the camp here and there!

Also I'd like to give my apologies to the delay on orders over the past month! I have sent off all the orders this week and every one who ordered some gear while I was away will receive some free goodies in their package!

I'd also like to happily announce that this is the four hundred and twentieth post here on the blog over the last few years! I see that as some kind of a milestone!

I also promised to post up a scraps edit I was working on before my trip buy due to computer issues I was unable to finish it and I hop to have it up in the coming weeks!

Alright so usually for a dealio like this when I have a heap of photos I just post em up with small captions.. But seeing as this trip was so eventful I decided it would be cool to do a full on write up about it! If you're more like me and you like to just flick through and look at images then go ahead! Feel free to read into my experiences!

 Before I continue I need to shoot myself down by saying "Oi sick blog where you write about your feelings you hipster fag"! But for real leading up to this trip I fucked up real hard and managed to get myself in a fair bit of trouble so I was really looking forward to some time away!

Straight off the bat one of the dope things we encountered at the beginning of the trip was this butterfly garden thing they have in the Singapore airport! The whole airport is fuckin massive with three great big terminals you need to catch sky trains to unless you wanna walk for a good 15 mins!

Its pretty much a great big fuck off green room full of these little fluttering pricks! Shits crazy! If you are ever in transit in Singapore and have 20 mins to kill, make sure you check it out!

Just to add, a huge thing I have come to learn through my photography endeavors is that the best moments are never captured! So I did my best haha!

Flying into Phuket that night I felt super good about this trip and to be back in such an amazing place. In Phuket I have always stayed at the same place and have become mates with the people that run it which is great. This trip was mainly to focus on adventures and rock climbing and not so much on the party side of things as I have done in the past, but as you can imagine the partying doesn't stop in Thailand! Specially when 7% 750mil tallies are $2 a pop!

The first week or so was swell! Not to waste any time buy checking out different temples and beaches in the day and meeting up with local mates to drink in the night!

My fav temple to visit in Phuket is the Big Buddha! Sure its a tourist attraction! But it is worth it!
The giant statue of Buddha looks over the whole of Phuket and can be seen from many points on the island. They have a monk on duty giving blessings to anyone who would like to make a donation. The ceremony is short and mainly for tourists and you come out of it with holy water on your head a sweet wrist band and feeling a spiritual as fuck! I knew from that point that the rest of the trip was going to be fuckin great!

These are from Big Buddha

These are from Wat Chalong temple

That pretty much sums up the first few days in Phuket! Next we hooked it on a boat over to Phi Phi to start the climbing/ snorkeling part of the trip!

Phi Phi is a small island that is basically full of outdoor activities! You can pretty much do anything beach related there! So many small island around and cool shit to see and do! You just have to be able to stand the drunk tourist running around with bright fluro singlets on screaming about what ever nationality they belong! Usually I couldn't deal with that kinda shit but its worth it to hang out at the sweetest rock climbing spot I have ever been! Climbing the cliffs at Phi Phi only to jump back into a beautiful lagoon surrounded by these giant pillars of rock shooting out of the ocean is far to surreal to explain! I had a few photos of the spot from the last trip but I did not bother with it this time as the experience for myself is far more important!
But I do have a few pictures of us exploring a few of the view points up on Phi Phi!

Sketchy motherfucking half build viewpoint!

The party life over on Phi Phi is super wild and I have lost my shit every time but this time was the most fucked when I challenged Simmo to 3 round of Muay Thai boxing at a stadium bar where tourists are allowed to fight each other for some unknown reason! The fight was fun from what I can remember... Ended up in hospital the next day having ton tendons in my right hand! This had mad impact on my trip being as I can climb or ride a scooter or wipe my arse who brush my teeth with that fucking hand! Luck they sorted me out with some dope meds!

Heres an art I done

Next leg of the trip had us visiting yet another island! Koh Lanta! We had heard it was pretty chill compared to the other more party based islands so decided to check it!
It was almost to chill and after 2 days of chillin we head off! But they did have a sweet as fuck national park!

I like to call these the planet of the apes photos!

Next heading of to Railay Beach which is where all the rock climbing happens but due to my hand not so much haha!

Railay Beach being yet another place was also very different from the others! its a small peninsular made up of a few of the fucking sweetest beaches you will ever clap eyes on! Every beach is surrounded by the towering rock faces of the craziest looking cliffs! There is so much to see and do just buy walking around the place for a good day! check it!


Yep those black things on the ceiling are bats!

 Fuck off Monkeys

The next lot of photo are of Simmo going ham on some super wicked climbs we found around the place!

The next part of the trip had us leave the murder shack of nightmares we were staying in at Railay and head back to our home away from home at Phuket! the last part of the trip was chill and we spent a lot of time just hangin with mates n seeing a few sites! The rest of these images are just random from then and the whole trip!

I apologies for the overuse of fisheye! Didn't bring my whole kit!
Was one hell of a trip!
I was over the moon when my maine man Ant got one of the Original CB designs tattooed on him during the trip!
Dudes a legend! Too bad I don't have a better image of it at the moment!
He got it line for line!

*EDIT* forgot to throw in these shameless selfies!

The trip was amazing! I wanna thank all the people we met along the way being other travelers or locals and even our mates it was soo good to see and meet you!

As a sweet parting gift I left Thailand with E.coli which has been horrid the past week! I actully only just got the energy to make this post!

Got loads of shit to get onto now!

Anyway peace out much love !

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