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So Charlie Crumlish released a frame promo this week that basically has every second video in my instagram feed looping the same clips of him tech wizarding the shit out of everything. If you haven't seen it buy a fucking smartphone and then check out the vid here.

The new Young Bloods edit from Eclat is pretty damn good. Like really very pretty damn good. Super really very pretty damn good. Check it out:

I just spotted this super rad video on the Spitfire wheels insty in between clips of bmx wizardry. It's interesting that skate media is so different to BMX. Hopefully stuff like this is in the future for bmx because as strange as it might be to hardcore dudes there is money in so many aspects of shit like this and BMX deserves mo monay. Check out the video and then don't buy volcom shirts.

My favourite video of this week came upon my via the Lux facebook page:
"Summer may now be officially over but the summer vibes remain. Take a look back to our team trip to Stradbroke Island from the G20 weekend then get out and enjoy the sun! Filmed by many and edited by Jack Birtles."

LUXBMX "Washed Up On Straddie" from LUXBMX on Vimeo.


PS shoutout to youngbloods

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