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Been editing this scrap mix up and its coming along good!
I've got a bunch of videos I wanted to share.
I missed out on sharing a few while I was away so here ya go!

Firstly is this #MMM Crew 2014 video! What a bloody treat! Adam's film/ edit and riding in this is fucking whopping! Of course all the other dudes get shit done as well with loads of cruisey manual lines from Ed and a treat of Nu-Nudes! The second half of the video continues to be a punch of good vibes to the face as the dudes ride some sunny summer spots and sweet parks all the way down to Canberra!  Adam never skips out on footage of everyone having a laugh and that always gives me jollies! Ending with two sweet as fuck Jason's back to back clips! Gotta froth it!
MmmCrw X 2014 from AdammmCox on Vimeo.

Another great video I watched while abroad was this Jack Birtles, Left and Center video! Something about the dude talking about Australia while grippin a VB tally made me miss home way to much! Loads of high speed Birtles goodness followed by an interview dealio! Treat of a vidyah! Kyle Jacobson killin it on the edit!

United BMX: Jack Birtles - Left of Centre from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.

Moving on to something a lil different! I find it dope that using the streets has been creeping into long-boarding and this dude kills it on a deck! Sweet style!

Peace out!

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