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Stuff from the web volume 956.

A lot of the posts up on here are purely just a bunch of stuff that has recently been enjoyed by myself (or Brento) from the web.

I'd say that about 65% of all that content is BMX related and another 25% to be music and the rest is unknown.

Here is some stuff from the web.


I have a few excellent (in their own ways) BMX videos to share.
First off, This video has exploded over night. Colony BMX - Alex Hiam - Sweet Tooth Range Promo, video, thingo... Man... Filmed and edited by no other than Troy 'Big Salad' Charlesworth the thing is a whole minute 36 seconds of joy. Stuff what I liked; Willy Wonka creepy shit, Amazing spray art of the logo/ symbol. Of course Alex's fast passed high energy riding and super fucked fakie skills! Check it!

A follow up. In a previous post Brenton mentioned this seat here is a small promo that just dropped for it.

Drew Hosselton - Pro Part
Man this is stylish. I really got into Drew's section in 'The Finer Things' and this is a great follow up of a web edit. He manages to ride the most obscure and dead set cool street obstacles. Do watch!

This video has also blown up! Steve Crandall talking about his life long mate BMX and its beautiful.

Bicycle Motocross from Make Your Bones on Vimeo.

The Ender of BMX on this post is the Ender Ender! Sean Burns talks about his last clip for Anthem II and its freaky good!


Listen to new music, broaden your taste.
DIIV has a new track:

This video clip of Tame Impala's The less I know the better is FUCKIN WILD. It's truly going to be the best music video clip you have seen today!

Tame Impala - The Less I Know The Better (Official Video) from grafiktrafik on Vimeo.


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