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Creating something is always fun. The process of making something happen or bringing it to existence can be hard and tiring. The more time you spend making things you realise how easy it can be when you collaborate. This past weekend I had was all about making shit happen with friends and I would like to focus this post on that subject!  

I was invited to an event created (gunna use this word a lot) by a friend who has spent the most part of the last 3 years overseas. The aim of the gathering was to get away from the city (camping on a friends property) and to share something creative with each other. The event was everything I wanted it to be and much more and I'd like to thank Simon and Adin for making it happen.
Here are a few photos of this shit going down.

I did try to hold back from using my camera for most of the time as I wanted to enjoy it without looking through a little box!
I would recommend getting some friends and making your very own sharing creative weekend. Its fuckin GREAT!

Another guy what I know who also collaborates with a large group of friend to create is Mike Vockenson. If you keep up with BMX media you would surely be aware by now that his latest project 'Doomsday for the Deceiver' for Tempered Bikes is in full swing. The second video in a 3 part series has become live online and it's just like the one before it, a bloody work of art. Mike lives, breaths, shits and eats BMX and I mean real BMX. The dude has VX's for eyes, distorted guitar amps for ears, train spikes for bones, an incinerator for lungs and apparently kevlar for nuts! Combining his mad man brain with these body mods you get this kind of a production! 

Doomsday For The Deceiver: Mike Vockenson 2015 from TEMPERED on Vimeo.

Peace out and have fun kids! 

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