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Bloody Gewd Times!

Super happy right now! finally finished all uni commitments for the year!
Gunna have way more time to ride n have funs!

I am also super stoked on the progress with our up and coming summer line! shit its coming along nicely here is a lil sneeky peeky

We are also working on a new singlet for those hot summer days! as well as another lil surprise! So keep your eyes open for more info on when these bad boys will drop!

Adding to the stokingness of this week the new 2020 mag is out! Seems like its full of awesome features check the preview out!

If you luv sniffing new magazines like me you should grab a copy!

and finally to make this midweek even better! Heres a tasty treat from the cripsy stream!
Shit is awesome! made my day!
Crispy: Dadline from Crispy Stream on Vimeo.


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