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Chicken Dingaz!

Hey good people!
n freaky frands!
Had a magical weekend spending time celebrating uni overness and life!

Here I have a non bmx related video that I made for one of my classes! Its a lil music video for main man Ales Ross's musiks! Not what I wanted it to be and also had to match a certain criteria but still trippy good vibes!

Check it!
Cleanup Woman from Chronic Bone on Vimeo.

Also I forgot to post up earlier this week! but Mike Chopenson did a real rad interview with Alex Donnachie  over on DA CRISPY STREAM!

Now I have two cool skate realted videos for you dat I lyked!
This one here is super amazing! must of takin some time!

Thanks to Brento for showing me this super groooovey Halloween jam video!


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