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yo ho ho bitchez

There has been a total lack of posts over the last month or so! been very busy with travel and work and I'm about to head off to Thailand for 2 weeks! So there will be 0 posts! but after Thailand adventure there is a lot of shit going down in Chronic Bone town!

We are looking at a fuck load of more shirts & New beanies!! along with us endorsing a bunch of local Skaters, riders, bands, DJ's & who ever else we thing deserves some support for being a rad mo fucker!

Also the blog will be having some what of a make over! and there be a fuck load of new videos already on the way!

Here are some happy snaps from last month or so !

click to enlarge all of these bad boys!

If you keep check on the blog you would know i have been traveling with Samurai Disco over the past month to document their shows in Sydney and Melbourne these are the videos from those adventures!


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