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Working man's Monday

Super super psyched by the amount of cool and wacky colours and prints that are finding their way onto bmx parts these days! Pretty standard for a company to be rocking some wild seat options but this awesome new hub I spotted from Profile is pretty unique!

Love this shit! This is the new Jake Seeley hub profile has going, saw them over on Union BMX and this is what they had on them:
"Ooooh! Here’s a new one for you. Jake Seeley has a new signature Hawaiian themed set of Mini Hubs that will be available from Profile Racing on March 15th! We talked to Profile Racing and they said these will be a VERY limited run of 100 sets total between right and left side drive sets. This is just one of the signature colorway options that will be dropping over the course of 2015 so get psyched.
We will have more information available when they are released March 15th!"

Some sweet vids found their way into my life pretty much overnight, Augie Simoncini has this bike check stickied up top of the TCU page. After seeing Deadline I became a massive fan of this dudes riding as well as his occasional use of the wife beater singlet. Classy.

Something else  little fancy for your Monday is this edit from Fraaance. French street riding seems to be pretty gnarley with heaps of cool architecture and plenty of stair sets to ride.

Everyone at CB loves a bit of Eat Children Crew and with killer edits like this they make it easy to love. Warren Bowers busted a knee filming this according to the ECC vimeo page so this is pretty short but it's 2 minutes of absolutely killer riding.


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