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What a strange midnight meeting!

Had a BLAST on da weekend spent the whole of sunday riding around and filming some retarded shit for the next Psychedelic night class! SHIT was GUD! Here some captures from DAT!

 One man with a small ranga beard went down a slide, wut a fag do a gewd trick!
 Tim slayed this monster sized rail!
And another lad dun some kind of pull up on a pushbike!
Over all you could smell the meth in the air!

Also we have been taking the first step towards our summer line! Here is a lil sneak peek of Simmo doing a few test dyes on some funky new shirts!

 Yeww excited for these bad boys! more updates on summer DROP SOON!
At the moment you can check out da lil spring sale we are having over on the online store!


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