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Hey dudes, hows things? That's good!
Juts a sneaky lil update on our next clothing drop! we are currently waiting on just a few items to come along and then it will be a full scale party! Woo! so keep an eye out for that!

Anyways had quite a good weekend filming some Psychedelic Night Class and had some mad party times!
Here are some more snaps from clips we gotted!

Did a freaky gap over a rail

Brenton also snagged a mad clip of him doing a cheeky feebs to smith on this un-grindable wall!
fucking plastic pegs!

Also relating to all things good and bikes, over on crispystream they have gone and done a mad interview with Charlie Crumlish about bikes, weed, BMXFU & other great things! make sure you give it a good read! Looks like both dudes have really put some time into it!

Two unrelated videos!

and bam

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