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Hey gals! the weekend was awesome!
For all the dudes who made it down to the Tempered Drain Jam shit was unreal!
Huge props and thanks goes out to Jerry for making it all happen!
I still haven't sorted through the good 700ish shots I have and edited the keepers but here are a few random shots from the day!

heres a lil run down of what went on!

there were dudes on bikes in a drain
 most of them had long hair or facial hair
 this particular one fixed a ramp well
 this one likes drugs
 and This mans face cant be shown for legal reasons
Keep an eye out for the real picture/photodump post on this that will have some actual riding shots in it!

and here we have a  video that pretty much sums up the whole day! (Thanks to Tim for showing me this and how it features everything that is in right now)

Also got out today for a bit of a ride! Here is a capture from a clip of 2 grown men with beards and buckets hats racing bikes off a fence down a big grass hill


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