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Did a bit of fairly unfruitful spot hunting last weekend out around Toowoomba. Unfruitful mostly due to my inability to deal with the heat and James' inability to deal with me constantly complaining!
Simmo suffered an unfortunate bit of heatstroke though and witness what can only be described as a ghost dog. Possible ghost doggie sighting was found on google:

We also stopped at some of the local parks on the way back to Brisbane where I witnessed a pre teen scooter rat punch a dart like a seasoned mechanic in his late 50's. It was wild.

BMX! I've been really interested in the hype Nigel Sylvester has been getting lately and this comeup interview answers a few questions that I assume a lot of people wanted to know about. John Hicks also says maybe 5 words.

The first of two edits that I really fucking enjoyed this week was Killian Roth edit that Cult put out. Super gnarly rail shredding and serious coaster love. This doesn't have nearly enough views!

Second vid is by far the best we edit I have seen all month! Jimbo showed it to me on his phone and it just doesn't do these bangers justice. Matt Ray absolutely kills it good n dead in this edit of mind blowingly good fucking BMX. Watch it, cry, watch it again, thank me.

Finally, as Jimba mentioned all of the Chronic Bone blog dudes will be in Thailand getting weird so content will probably be a bit light while we're off partying harder than Par T. Barr


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