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We were at the beach!

Hey dudes! sorry for the lack of posts that have been coming out of me!
I'm sick of using the old Uni excuse for this. So I'm going to start making excuses up:
fuckin got a bich preggerz !

I have also been edited through all dem filthy drains photos so expect to see them real soon!

apart from that over the week I have been riding filming and having a blast!

heres a few bits and peaces for your viewing pleasure!
Tim grinding at 420

 Brenton also at 420

Ant being kewl from uni related shoot

Also our beard expert friend has been back to the beat lab and made a new peace of music what i found cool to listen to!

Also if you ever feel like looking at trippy arts you should go here! its GREAT!

This has some great bikes skills along with dope beats
Sam Waters Animal Spring 2013 from StowMedia on Vimeo.


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