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Walking around, Barefoot, Eating Avocados'

Have a few more Straddie vibes for your eyes.
Also some other stuff from around the web.

'ere's an image I put together of other images from the trip!

A photo of the painting I made while over there,

Pretty stoked on it.

I was also stoked that Mac DeMarco droped a FREE TO DOWNLOAD instrumental album that is full of slow summer day vibes! I suggest you download it! 

This new Jason Watts for Shadow Conspiracy has blown the fuck up and you can tell why. So much bullshit in this! The dude has to be going at some fuckin high speeds!Big Salad on the film/edit! DIG IT, WATCH IT! 

Googles "deepdream" shit has been all over the net! I read up on how it all works and its very cool technology! Some one used to to trip out the already super trippy fear n loathing in Las Vegas! Classic shit!

Peace over the weekend!

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