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Visual Demond

Been working on a few cheeky lil images this week! Check em out! TRIPPY SHIT!

Been going through and mixing and mashing some photo I shot a few years ago to create some certain feels! ENJOY!

Yeww syked! spent a large part of today printing, fixing and painting these bad boys up!
They have come up great! and will be available in our STORE next week a long with some other goodies!

You may have already viewed this but it worth a posting! Great video coming from Savakas
Savakas France from Savakas on Vimeo.

And yet another great awesomely vibed video from The Commission crew! This time they tripped it down to Melbz! some tasty treats !
The Commission BMX - Melbourne Vacation from George Prentoski on Vimeo.


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