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Unusual Encounters

It truly sucks not being able to find time to update the chronic bone blog. It can take a fair bit of time to put together an interesting post and it's proving to be harder to do when I've been so committed to my other projects. Anyway I put together a short lil post for people who frequent the bone to read...

When you spend the most part of your weekend out and about driving around hunting for new interesting things to ride, you are bound to run into some strange sites.

From checking behind every block of shops to walking in the bush for hours to find a hidden drain, sometimes you stumble on some interesting things. In recent conversations with people, I have come to understand that a lot of the interesting things that I see or people I meet when out and about riding are actually far more outlandish than I think. I forget that most people like to relax on the weekend, you know do some house work or go to the movies. Most people wont be finding a large bag of discarded hypodermic needles in the woods, or have a very scary old gypsy grandma offer them a snickers behind the bakery.

This new way of thinking has lead me to wonder what I have overlooked, and also wonder what other riders have bumped into while on adventures. I've decided it's worth my time to start documenting these odd run ins and here is my first image of a burn out commo.


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