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Two great new Oz BMX edits.

Watching a BMX edit is really a great thing.

 Maybe it’s the end of a long day and you just want to unwind and relaxed you can throw on a few edits, watch some crazy shit and crack a beer. Or maybe your gearing up to go for a ride, you can smash on your fav edit and get in the zone. I find it to be rare that I truly get stoked on a web edit, as most that I watch seem to feel like I have seen them before. I was stoked and surprised by how great these two videos were and even happier they are coming out of AUS!

Trip videos always rock, and with a line up like this you know you gunna see some loose shit. S&M’s Aus dudes heading through Canberra to ride trails, bowls and even play grounds. Roasting trails, sinking beers and just having a good ol time. James Fox never skips out showing off how much of a good time every one is having. Sounds track also dopley!

Another big brands AUS connection, Volume bikes having their dudes rip up Melbourne. Coming from another angle to the S&M video that was mainly based on rippin up trails, the volume dudes take there ever progressive riding to the streets and really do some crazy shit. Sounds track is also great. Tight vidya indeeedy.


bby jim

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