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 So much fresh stuff to share!
Fabian Bader is back with another video from traveling Europe! Apparently these are all leftover clips but gee wiz I'm glad he put them together! Video is super dope! Loads of crazy spots! Jerry and Raph still living the dream!
GLOBETROTTER - Cuatrosieteuno from Fabian Bader on Vimeo.

Also from Fabian a few weeks back is this sweet lil night time riding clip! Edit to the theme of Night Rider! Check it!
GLOBE TROTTER - kNIGHT RIDER from Fabian Bader on Vimeo.

I was super happy today when a heard this new song from Tame Impala!
It's been allover the web but listen to it again and if you haven't yet DO IT! 

Thats all I wanted to share really!

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