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Happy New Years Eve! Before I get too deep into the spirits of the evening thought I'd throw this up for everyone to enjoy!

Saw this video on TCU today and I had no idea who "Veesh" was before this but he filmed alot of Cult stuff and from what I can tell edited Small Talk which was maybe my favourite DVD of the year.

They also make mention of Shook which I hadn't heard of before, looks like some really cool early 2000's videos. In particular they bring up this Chase Dehart video.

Also spotted this video and it is really fucking good. Super good. Really, really super good.

DETHLIFE - Soul Connection from Deth-Life on Vimeo.

And finally just as a special gift from me I have got your new years eve playlist sorted right here:

Alternatively you could just listen to this

Followed by this

Enjoy the new year!

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