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To Much Madness!

Being an Art fag and just general university has been a drag a bit lately.
However the weekend past was so bloody brilliant and really got me excited for times ahead.

I set off to Toowoomba, a country town I have only ever had the privilege of riding once before.

Here are a few snap shots from the trip!

The drains in T-bar are unreal!

 I find it's becoming harder for me to shoot for Vocko! You will just never know the scale the speed and the intensity of Mike hookin' it like a mad man at something.

 Great spot! Swapped some real funny story's down at this creek!

I have a few other deadly shots that I'm holding onto for times ahead!
The whole weekend was great! I don't get to spend anywhere near as much time with Mike, Jerry and Dave and it was killer getting to know Pahau better!
Toowoomba really is a great town to visit here is just a list of some of the reasons why it should be your next BMX destination.

Super Rooster
Tree lined streets
Crazy big schools
Super Rooster
scenic spots
amigo's mexician 
crazy old architecture
& Super Rooster, that's right there is 3 of em!

Here are a few things from the web I'd like to share!
I realize these are a good week old now,
This Polly Colony edit is freakin' sweet! SO much wacky front brakes moves, wild parks and spots in both the US and AUS. Great production really! Not to mention the dudes rides everything sick! (song is also mint)

Next is the leftover footage from Lahsaan's "What Could Go Wrong" section. Gotta love watching him ride! Also diggin the chill beats!

Speakin' of the chill beats, been really into this new song from Chrome Sparks, give it a whirl!

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