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the soul that leaked

Hey drudes! sorry about the recent lack of posts on here! I have been working on some other projects to make money for my broke ass! But here is some content to get down on!

Firstly, I'd recommend getting over to TEMPERED and checking out there new online market! They just dropped a few dope new shirts you can get online!
Does any one wanna swing me 40 bucks?

NEXT! Here is a dope lil 2 part by Fly Bikes!
This is great, these dudes are doing what every one has thought of many times!

check out part 2 here

Also past from the dvd Nearly 2 have been being uploaded! I havn't seen it before so its a treat! this part is hella good! you can watch the rest on the vimeo
Nearly. 2 - Disco Stu from Alex D on Vimeo.

Make sure you get yo butts down to this jam!

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