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The Secret Life Of Breton/Brandon/B-doggs/Brenton

So I've been getting dudes to contribute to the blog with photos videos and what ever lately and Brenton has been holding back on a lot of awesomeness. 
So here we are I have taken the time to do up a lil interview with Brandon and he also hooked me up with a bunch of photos he has shot in recent times.

So just to start this of man, can you tell us a lil about who you are and what you do?

My name is Brenton, and I like to party.

You seem to be pretty affiliated with chronicbone.com, what exactly do you have to do with chronicbone?

Um, I'm sort of a tag along for the bone, I mostly just try and rep it super hard every time I go somewhere and I physically cannot get drunk without yelling CHRONICBONE in people's faces (big shout-out to like 80% of the Gold Coast who all copped that last time I partied there!)

We know your into riding bikes, what other hobbies do you par-take in?

Oh man I love cars, like when I'm not riding bikes or masturbating in public I'm perving on or talking about cars haha.

So you are currently a tyr fitter, is that your preferred profession?

Oh no way, dat shit just the daily grind. I'm currently working on a way to make money and still ride bikes other than hooking. Not that I don't wanna be a hooker... That'd be pretty cool...

Give us your Top three tunes at the moment!

I just got my hands on an Enough Rope mixtape and I've been listening to that on repeat for a week straight.

Coming down to your love of push biking, what do you think is better, Tricks or Style?

Style for sure! I love the feeling of like doing something that feels good and smooth and it always looks best like that too.

What is your favorite place to ride bikes?

Primary schools. No pedo.

Favorite trick to pull?

Three's cos I can never ever land them properly hahaha

What is your view on BMX in Australia at the moment?

It's huge!!! I love that the vibe is super chill and everyone's so friendly. I actually saw Raph Jeroma-Williams in the valley like last month and I went all fangirl but he was super cool so that was awesome.

Top 3 movies,SHOOT!

Star wars IV
Aaaand i've watched the 2020 dvd like more than is healthy so that too!

Have you got any plans for the future you wanna share with the bone?

I saw a pretty cool bank to ledge today so I'm gonna hit that... I'm not a big planner haha...

Pictures by Brenton/chronicbone 

Here is a trailer that hurts to watch
Kink BMX "Squash It" Trailer #2 from Kink Bike Co. on Vimeo.

And in another note there wont be much posting on here for a while!
IM OFF TOO FIJI so check back in a week


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