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The In's & Out's of Street Thuggery with Ammon Chesworth

HEY DUDES! so its been a lil while since we have had an interview up here! So i took the time to chat and interview Mr Ammon Chesworth known badass and all around manslut.

heres how it went down

 So dude man, to start us off give us a lil low down on who you are and what you do?

Wartzup boners-
I go by the name of Ammon Chesworth, 22 from the western suburbs of Sydney. I ride bikes, get tinned up with the fellas and hand craft clothing.

Apart from being a fully gnar dawg on your push bike what other hobbies/pass times do you enjoy?

Ahh pretty much goes down like this....PARTY TOWN, surfing, a bunch of sewing and dying, sex with skinny chicks, sex with fat chicks, fishing, spear fishing, been dabbling into a little bit of wake boarding/skiing and talking a bunch of shit.

Havin a look at some videos and pictures of you just being a plain thug one would notice that you are missing some teeth, whats the deal with that?

ah where do i start...
i found this piece of shit sketch gap to rail in the middle of nowhere, hadnt ridden much as i was just coming back from a broken foot nd eager to get wild with the boys so i decided to chuck a gap to ice down it. first go landed it but wasnt happy with the clip so thought fuck it and went at it again. ended up missing the down part of the rail and back peg hit the upright at speed so it threw me face first onto the road. broke my jaw in half, pallet of my mouth, the top of my jaw (where it connects to ya skull) on both sides, my nose, a few fractures in my skull and knocked out my 3 front pearlers. clip is in LUST FANG #1 if ya wanna peep.

Along with most mad mofos out there you make your own shirts at seventy seven designs, give us and overview of your ideas & where can we find these dope threads?

yeah man, i started making myself clothes and sewing patches onto my jeans and shit cause i was sick of seeing the same cliche general pants crap. then started making shit for mates and it got positive feedback and people were asking for shit so it went from there. If a hippie boned a punk and they had a baby, that baby would be the direction of where 77 is going. A little thing ive been doing with my shirts is my unique design of the 'HASHTAG'... I make my own tags outta denim so when sewing them on i leave the top un-sewed so it acts as a small pocket, to hide man things in there. and by many things pretty much drugs hahaha. you can find my clothes at my online shop and the fb page-

A while ago I spotted a video name Lust Fang #1 Online featuring some rowdy behaviour and radical push bike tricks, will there every be a lust fang #2?

I dont know man, I dont think so to be honest but that isnt a definite no. It was a joint effort from alex liiv and myself and were both pretty busy dudes nowadays, so makes it hard to go through the process of filming and editing another.

Just in relation to your bike stunts, can we expect any online heat anytime soon?

Yah dewd, currently working on a welcome to the set edit with john young. ive done some dumb shit for it and john never disappoints.

How many pegs do you rock?


Describe a day in the life!

Weekdays- Wake up late for work, slave to the man for 8 hours, go home, either ride or make shirts till sundown, dinner then surf the web for a few hours looking for and researching clothing and a bunch of dumb shit on youtube

Weekends- Fri night party town where ever, wake up hungover, get my shit into line then either go ride, if too hot or im injured go out to the river or beach or on the boat to wet the line. then late arvo back into party mode and repeat.

top 3 movies?
1.Luxury comedy-its a tv series but hey its on dvd so thats good enough for a movie for me
2.Taken 1 & 2
3. Idiocracy

Where is your favorite place to ride bikes?


Any plans for the future you would like to share with the world wide inter-webz?

Planning on moving to brissy in a coupla months once i get enough cash saved up. making more clothes. riding more bikes. fucking more ladies

Tips for young street thugs?

Be yourself. Ride how you want not how chad kerley thinks you should. if ya gonna gap to grinds make sure you 100% down. but most of all have fun man, dont let hunger for sponsorships burn you out.

Shout outs!

You for this rad as fuck interview. Mum, dad, step dad Jase. Mitch Morison. Mark @ Tippos Cycles. Mark @ The Set. My boys Zip, Gabba, Rod, Marty. Danger, Holmes, Charlie bra, Vocko. Any chick thats wet up my dick and anyone thats put drinks in my mouth.

Ammon Chesworth welcome to Tippos from Lust Fang on Vimeo.

make sure you check out Ammon's Seventy Seven Design! Fresh stock of shirts! HERE!

Also dudes id like to share a few videos

Billy Hietanen 2013 from raine Turnbull on Vimeo.


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