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Thailand! Some of it!

So about to weeks ago I went off to Thailand for the second time  to go rock climbing (one of the other sports I enjoy) but mainly to see some of my friends who live over there and have a blast!

Over the 2 weeks a lot of shit happened but I used the opportunity to have a break from all the madness of the white boy rat race we live.

I also used it as a break from photography! although I did shoot a fair bit I tired to not worry about getting the perfect shot and more take in the experience!
Here are a few of the cooler shots and I plan to have some more up soon!

Also got my hands on a shitty $50 underwater housing haha did the job alright!

as I said more photos to come! as well as some illustrations by fatnek n sketchy!

Here we have a video of some other dudes living the dream traveling!
Intro is solid gold! as well as the riding and skating! some of those ghetto spots look amazing!
ender is solid!
Stress Less DethLeffs from Raphael Jeroma-Williams on Vimeo.


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