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Thai feva!

Unfortunately I have some bad news. James seems to have come down with some form of Thailand madness and will most likely never return to Australia the same as he left:


I do have some good news though, Lux BMX store is celebrating turning 4 this week with a shindig on Saturday which should be swell!

It's also been an awesome week for bmx edits, here's three that I enjoyed a bunch.
Beats on this are A grade and the riding is super cool. I've never heard of Javi before but this edit makes me wish I had.

Zack Gerber is madness. Ender to end all enders.

And best for last, Premium got some of their dudes to Montreal and they shredded it to bits. Lots of awesome Brock Olive clips in this, last I saw Brock he was coming off an injury so it's great to see him in such a cool city getting all wizardy again.


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