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Tempered Bikes Frothin!

Tempered Bikes. Tempered Goods.
When I first started to really enjoy BMX as a teenager, Tempered bikes was easily one of my favourite brands. Their image, amazing trip videos and jams really spoke to me and to have all this happening in my city was mind bending. The amount of times I have watched the Canberra trip videoswould probably seem stupid to most people. Going on into my early 20’s the brand seemed to go quiet. The epic wave that is Tempered Bikes crashed, but as you may know from visiting the beach there are usually a few waves. Right now it seems that Tempered is back with another wave. Coming in to the end of 2015 we saw web parts from Old riders Vocko and Jerry V along with a great web part from new to the team Wilton! During this time I was lucky enough images for the riders while they were working on their videos parts and here they are.





Along with the web parts has come a whole line of new bike parts from frames down to seats. They have even got a new website and best of all the return of the Filthy Drains jam.

You can check out my photos from the jam here!
enjoy the tempered bikes goodness!

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