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in da house! had a mad ride day on Saturday! met up with Gold coast dudes to shoot some shit and have fun!

Here is a rough outline of how the day went down shown by polaroids shot on mah 330!
From left to right we have! LUX, Lux hangs, New farm funk, thug life, gettin trippy at ferny grove trails & finally Jye doing some much needed pruning for a deadly kink rail!

Shit was swell heres a few pics from me other camera!

Jye doing this mean gap! only i fucked the shot took it to early and made him blurry!
 Cool lil sequence

click any you would like to enlarge!
Some other shit I shot will probs be used in some future projects so keep an eye out!

Lastly I recently viewed this freeky deeky good edit from the downlow dudes!
Its very dope! love me some boulder rides and that drain/ snakerun thingo looks super fun!
Downlow Apparel - "Perth X Albany" from Downlow Apparel on Vimeo.


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