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Stuff from the web No. # Unknown

Going into the weekend I thought I’d share some stuff from the web.

Calvin Kosovich, Kink Pro

WA shredder, style icon, sly ciggy smoker, slow jazz listener, all around cool dude turn US bike company token AUS guy rider, filmer dude, rail slayer brings out his Kink Pro part!
You can expect style, ciggys, slow music, cool dude, US clips, and rails being slayed!
Check it out, Calvin does not disappoint! Consistent cruisy awesome clips including what has to be one of the dopest pole jams every!


Bas Keep, UK mad man takes the concept of bring ramps into built up urban areas to a new level.
This documentary style video touches on the process of preparing for some of the gnarlyiest shit I have ever seen on a BMX. From trolling through google maps to find the perfect wall, to creating a replica set up to practice on, to hiring trucks for transporting ramps, to pretending to be road workers to block lanes of traffic, to the actual insanity that is the jump. This doco had me sitting in my chair feeling anxious for the dudes! Shit is wild! 

 Music? (Video)

Don't like Young Thug? Neither do I, but this video clip is genius.
Director Ryan Staake’s $100,000 music video for Young Thugs ‘Wyclef Jean’ is a music video I will be remember for some time. I don’t want to spoil it just check it fo yo self!

Enjoy yo weekend!



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