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Stoned Worm!

Hey dudes! Sorry for the complete lack of posted up on here over the week! Been hella busy with Uni and Goony! But not to worrie as I have da content flowwwin IN!

Vocko sprung up a new Crispy Mix! Always a treat of a video! killer good vibe in this one!
Crispy: The Journey from Crispy Stream on Vimeo.

Also a new LUX BMX video featuring Lux riders Mitch Brown and Damien Kluver! They tripped it over to NZ, looks like one hell of a sweet time!

Jye and crew came up to Brissy for what must be the 10000000th time to collect more clippies for the every so hyped Shibby Roma!

Ford Falcon on dat tricks
 Hangin in drains
 Sprouts wid dat face
 Always a good time with these boizzz

Enjoy ya weekend bruvvs


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