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Stoke on!

Jerry sent me over this photo that he shot on our first chronic trip! Brings back some great memories of a groovy trip!
 Was good to talk to the man!
Jerry, Raph and Brady also uploaded what will be the final episode of there amazing tour overseas!
Sad to hear its their final due to the fact some dirty rat bags stole all their camera gear!
I feel for the dudes, but no doubt they will still be having the time of their lives!
Check the new clip!
Final Episode from Raphael Jeroma-Williams on Vimeo.

Loving how shaggy every one is getting! The skating and riding; wild as expected! (that drop on the skatey and that bloody big feeble attameped towards the end, holy shit)
I'd recommend jumping on Raph's vimeo and getting a look at all of the videos from the trip! They fuckin rule!

Speaking of videos that rule!
Home boy Jye just dropped this killer edit of Rob Bennett doing it for Nightfall!
A bunch of great clips he collected while the dude was rolling the coast. He has since moved back to Tas to have surgery on both his knees. Jye's camera/editing work and choice of song mixed with Rob's overall shredding got me stoked! Also enjoyed the use of Rob's drawings as they are splendid!
Robert Bennett for Nightfall from Jye Stuart on Vimeo.


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