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Stay in school kids!

Spent the entire weekend filming with dream team best-est friends & lovers Gangbangshwang and Big Mac! Was bloody great weekend! It felt great to get back capturing such rad moments and just hanging out having a great time!
I only have a few stills from the weekend as I dedicated most the time to video!

dat shadow!

I'm excited to see what we get up to in coming weekends!

Here are some videos I wanted to share!

Leading up to the past weekend a few things were out and about on the web! Firstly this split edit!
The two dudes Nick Castillo and Cody Bowers rock some sweet fast paced shit with loads of amazing wall-rides and cheeky spots! Get on it!

Next was this sweet lil edit of Eric Elstran. It just got me stoked on how much fun they are having even if the weather is shit house and I mean snow storm shit house! A really dope lil edit this one! Riding is just stupid fun and so is Nintendo!

Elstranded in Denver from Rob DiQuattro on Vimeo.

This has been floating around to day! You just have to watch it! UNREAL!

and last is this sweetie!
It's over a year old now but this dude skated 700 miles! Its insane! There is an interview over HERE you can read all about it! 

Coastal Native from Clay Shank on Vimeo.


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