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chronic bone update yeah sexy

Little bit of an update in the chronic bone world! There has been a little bit of lag on the Samurai Disco EP being released as from what i know it is still being mastered and made amazing but we should be hearing some of that real soon along with the Samurai Disco Page being PIMP-O-FIED yew.
As for Mad Kow Industries they are dropping loads of little dope clips all the time over on youtube check it out Mad Kow Industries Youtube !!!

Also as for chronic bone clothing we seem to be going really well! already nearly sold out of the first run of T shirts! Still have to make a few more bucks before we bring out Polo's and Singlets! you can check out the designs for the shirts in the post below!

i leave you with this gnarly dope sick chronic bonin picture of 2 home boyz reppin the chronic bone!
Click to enlarge!

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