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Snake Woods Weekend! (Photo HEAVY) Part.1

This past weekend was one of the best weekends I can think of in recent memory.
Beers, bikes & friends make for some great times but this weekend was extra amazing. Headed up to lovely Maryborough for the Snake Woods Last Call Jam and shit went off like a frog in a sock.
Here is a few words and a heap of photos from my perspective.

Not being a big trail lord myself I had yet to visit snake woods. Shit blew my mind. The amount of hours that went into putting this together is bloody unbelievable. From warm welcomes on my first arrival to stumbling around the giant abstract dirt sculptures late at night the stokage was very high. Good vibes where happening all around as you could here people laughing and cheering from all parts of the woods. I'm still very much riding that wave.
Every one had a blast.

"The perfect amount of perfect cunt's came" had to be my favorite quote I can remember.

Most BMX time I have had.
 I wanna thank the trail lords of snake woods for having all of us! Fuckin Fantastic! 
Here is a whole heap of photos. Not in any order. Enjoy!

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