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Smoking room!

Hey lad's, sorry for the complete lack of posting here on the BONE!
It is basically that time again when a lot of what I do relates to my uni work and less riding and having a blast but oh well.
SO Between Uni start, learning to play the didgeridoo & having the flu I haven't been doing to much!
But I have some things to look at for you today!

was doing some light painting in a gravy yard for no apparent reason a few weeks back!
managed to get these done between doing what was a test for some assignment

Heres some BMX clips from the past few weeks I really enjoyed!

Dude Bird Mess Tape 2 from Dude Bird on Vimeo.

Melbourne streetz. this is awesome as it seems to be compiled of clips gathered over 3 years or so. It's interesting how you notice the look of some older bikes (smaller handle bars and so on)

Melbourne Street Edit from Daniel Rosenthal on Vimeo.

Dave Hughes is a funny bloke!

a beat for ya box


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