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Slug music

I've never understood why people get so excited about Friday, in my mind it's like being into a girl because her sister is hot... sure Friday is the day before the weekend but until 5 O'clock rolls around it is still just as much a shitty work day dealing with wanky creative types as any other weekday (for me at least). I managed to escape the day to day drudgery yesterday evening with a quick roll at Capalaba skate park and bumped into some other good dudes who ride, always excellent meeting guys who are down to talk shit at a park!

This video came up on my newsfeed earlier in the week and I am really impressed with how together the Brisbane skateboarding scene is. There always seems to be a jam or event happening and it's not exclusive to one or two skateparks either. Definitely something that we riders should try and work towards.

If you want to have a quick read of the rundown of the day and check the names of who took out prizes jump across to Vimeo (link attatched to the vidyah) and it's all there.

DOWN WITH STRANGER UP WITH COLONY (or Division to be more specific)
This edit came up in co nversation last night along with the topic of how quickly Stranger has gone completely to shit and how Division seems to be killing it recently. Honestly I think it is awesome that Cooper has managed to do so well with Division, I've never met the guy but the stories I've heard make it sound like he is super commited to making shit happen and BMX in general. I will admit I have beef with the claim that this was entirely filmed in Brisbane CBD, I feel that's a bit of a stretch but that aside it takes a serious bit of diversity to make something out of the poor excuse for spots that Brisbane has to offer anyways and these dudes kill it. Now it's time to start trying to work out where the fuck BNE is hiding all those good ledges!

Finally, I found this mix on soundcloud and was seriously confused, do I want to laugh this off as some shitty rave music with the corniest theme ever? Or do I want to see mhow many drugs I can jam up my rectum and dance until my eyes are so wide and glazed they look like they're painted on?
Either way, check this shit out and enjoy the weekend to come!

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