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Slack Shit!

Over the new year I have been up to a lot. Besides trying to drink myself to death I have spent many nights out filming with Brento Box! Seeing as I have been only shooting video here's a cool screen cap!

Brento done a good crash!
Also as an attempted to get more involved with Art and my uni work this year I've been mucking around loads with drawing photography and painting! Here is some coolio stuff!

I hooked up a separate instagram account to just document all of these creations! check it out @cyclops.sundays

Apart from keepin busy with that stuff here are some videos I had a dig on!

This is a super well put together end of the year video featuring loads of talented Brisbane skaters!
Brisbane End of Year Clip from Skateboard.com.au on Vimeo.

Also really love a Sean Burns vid! Dude is not getting any less mental shit load of roof drops as expected and the intro is funny as all hell!
Sean Burns - Hell Ride from Hellride.ru on Vimeo.

Lastly I have always been a fan of Vice documentaries! It's awesome that they are covering street BMX! Nigel Sylvester seems like such a good dude!


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