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Slack Jack!

Fuck there has been a lack of posts on here recently!
Been working on a fair bit recently and this deadly bad weekend weather has been a motivation killa!
But luckily! The weather over the weekend was fantastical!

Managed to get out for a roll on both days here are some images!

Hit the stezz town! to bad the boys weren't out
 Bail fag
 Tie Dye hipster
 Brolive doin cool shit
 A blurry photo of chopo
 Mitch Wood is a bike wizard! landed this first go!
  Also went for a roll with fair field dudes on Sundeee!
Was a treat! Those guys have a way of making you love BMX more

Apart from that I have been working hard on some top secret deadly CB grind wax that should be available in the next few weeks! Will keep ya updated!

Making trippy images is fun!

 Cheers to sketchy for being mah slut for the night!

Apart from that Damo is sick

and keen for this friday


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